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There are actually three waves of feminism. The first wave started in the 19 th century, in england, and it concerned social and political rights for women.

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The second wave starts in the usa and it gets very strong after the second World War, between s and s, when women manifested themselves in all the fields of the society. The third wave takes place in both usa and Western europe.


Therefore, showalter proposes a second phase of feminist criticism, in which the critic will focus her attention on writing by women, instead of writing about women. Patriarchy is, by definition, sexist, as it promotes the belief that women are innately inferior to men. The basic idea is that our civilization is male-centered and controlled, and is organized in such a way as to subordinate women to men in all cultural domains: religious, familiar, political, economic, legal and artistic.

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Therefore, we can safely say that women are still bound by patriarchal gender roles in their home, which they must fulfill in addition to their career goals. Dr wang pierdere în greutate betleem pa, literature may either support patriarchy or undermine it, following what is called a feminist agenda.

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The feminist critical approach examines why certain cultural behaviors are gendered and how that labeling has been either limiting or empowering women and men in society. Thus, gender roles have been successfully used to justify such discriminations as excluding women from equal access to leadership and decision-making positions, paying men higher salaries than women for doing the same job, and convincing women that they are not fit for careers in such areas as engineering or mathematics.

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They look at the way children acquire a language structured around binary oppositions that give the privileged place to masculinity, and associate it with power, reason, activity, and so on, whereas femininity is passive, irrational, and so on. Woman is seen as secondary, the weaker of the two. The female tends to be defined by negative reference to the male as the human norm, hence she is merely an object, lacking the male organ, male power and any male attributes.

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Beauvoir argued that associating men with humanity more generally as many cultures do relegates women to an inferior position in society. But the relationship between feminist and gender criticism is, in fact, complex; the two approaches are certainly not polar opposites but, rather, exist along a continuum of attitudes toward sex, sexuality, gender, and language.

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