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When the Queen of Firsthold stepped off the silt strider and removed the heavy garments from her journey, the first thing she noticed was the cold.

Costume pentru pierderea de grăsimi

The dark, stony Dunmeri architecture felt soulless among the cloudy air of the Deshaan. While located hundreds of miles away from Vvardenfell and subsequently Red Mountain, the region still had traces of ash in its breeze. The city was dreary and desolate of passion in light of the recent hardships of Morrowind.

For as long as she could remember, the Dunmer was forced to move and adapt to her surroundings in the name of survival.

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The culture of Morrowind, of her province and her people, was taken from her in the blink of an eye. Suddenly she was no longer praying to Vivec, but to Akatosh. Her Kit de scădere în greutate metagenes dialect warped into the Breton language, just as the ashfall turned into rainfall.

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It was difficult to leave behind a culture so proud and, at one point, mighty. But, true to her house of Hlaalu, the young princess learned very quickly the necessity of assimilation, even if her heart was elsewhere.

Barenziah taught her children to be cunning and resourceful, and in that the small family stayed true to their Dunmeri roots. Their life in Wayrest was bland, Morgiah had hated it even as a child, but they were comfortable and safe. As săptămâna de scădere în greutate retreat grew, she knew nothing good would come out of her step-father's wretched daughter Elysana.

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With a succession war on the horizon, she threw herself at the first reasonably handsome royal she met. After a bit of plotting and a few years of engagement, she did the impossible and married an Altmer king, Reman Karoodil of Firsthold.

kit de scădere în greutate metagenes

Once again the sly Dunmer was learning the customs of a new land, with her fingers crossed behind her back and a totem of Boethiah hidden behind her mirror. A family of schemers were loyal and close-knit, if not entirely affectionate. Being back in the city made her heart yearn for a time that no longer existed. Bring you back to your roots.

kit de scădere în greutate metagenes

Outlanders were not uncommon on mainland Morrowind, especially not in Mournhold, but it was not everyday the Dunmer saw Altmer of such high stature in kit de scădere în greutate metagenes city.

Likewise, it was not often that the royal servants of Firsthold walked through the streets of a foreign capital. Morgiah smiled at him, almost mockingly. Auri-El bless you, and all. While more open-minded than most Altmer, Valinwen still valued tradition above all else.

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This trip would not be easy for her. While vastly different in many senses, the two cultures both harnessed an obsession with tradition and a resentment for outsiders. Yet neither side seemed able to recognize the similarities between them.

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Arriving at the center district of the city, Morgiah took the time to pay more attention to her surroundings. Where on a palace on Auridon there would be large, rounded crystalline towers, there were instead rectangular columns with sharp edges.

The architecture was a strange mix of Dunmeri-Imperial, the spots that were rebuilt after Tiber Septim sacked the city obvious and out of place.

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It was intimidating, to say the least, and not very pleasant to the eye. The building loomed over her, so tall she could barely see the peaks.

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She suddenly felt foreign and small, and as if the eyes of a million of her ancestors were hidden in the stones, watching her. She had dreamt of returning to Morrowind, to her homeland.

Costume pentru pierderea de grăsimi -

But was this really her homeland anymore? Her previous relief suddenly began to fade. But the insecurity threatening to arise in her was forced to the side for the moment, she rolled her shoulders back and raised her chin slightly. Her eyes stayed trained ahead of her as they passed through the castle halls, purposefully avoiding the gaze of the Dunmer watching her, the expressions on their faces a mix of disgust and awe.

Conspiracy theories of her visit were surely already in the works. Was she here to spy?

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To threaten their traditions? Try to turn them back to worshipping the Aedra?

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If only they knew Morgiah was even less welcome in Summerset than she was in Morrowind. After what felt like hours walking in tense, discountenancing silence, Morgiah and companions arrived in the throne room. It was large, as expected, and the decor represented more traditional Velothi style rather than the modern and Imperialized outside. Grand rectangular windows with rounded edges let in sunlight through frosted glass, and dark green tapestries the color of dried hackle-lo leaves decorated them, tied together with gold ribbons.

kit de scădere în greutate metagenes